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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're attending your first Cayuga Chamber Orchestra concert or you're a returning subscriber, here are the answers to frequently asked questions about our performances. If you still have questions, please contact the CCO Office at (607) 273-8981 or info@

When do I arrive?

Generally it is a good idea to arrive thirty minutes prior to performance time.  Be sure to allow ample time for parking.  For parking information, see our Concert Venues page.

What if I arrive late?

If you arrive late to a performance, we will seat you when there is a break in the music.  You may be asked to sit in an open seat near the back until intermission; then you can take your ticketed seat.  If you must leave during a performance, we ask that you be respectful to the musicians and other audience members and wait for a break in the program.

How do I get my tickets?

You select your ticket at the time of purchase.  E-tickets can be printed or scanned from your smartphone.  You can pick up any held tickets at Will Call and can purchase tickets at the venue at least thirty minutes prior to performance.

How do I find my seats?

Look for the ushers at each entrance to the performance space.  In Ford Hall, you will have an assigned row and seat number; look for the signs directing you to the appropriate door.  In the churches, seating is general admission so you can sit wherever you like.

Are the concert venues accessible?

All venues are wheelchair accessible.  See our Concert Venues page for information on accessible parking.   Rows T and U, seats 26-33 are reserved for people in wheelchairs.

What do I wear?

There is no dress codes for our audience.  You will see some people in blue jeans, others in business casual, and some people in more dressy attire.  Feel free to dress in the way that you are most comfortable.


When should I clap?

If you are new to live Classical music, it can be challenging to figure out when to clap.  Pieces are often comprised of multiple movements, as indicated in the program.  Generally, patrons hold their applause between movements and only applaud at the end of a piece.  Try taking your cue from the people around you, and soak in the moments of profound silence that occur between movements.

How long is a concert?

Orchestral Series concerts usually last less than two hours and include a 15-minute intermission.  Chamber Series concerts tend to be shorter. There are usually a few different works on the program, with short pauses between each piece for staging changes and/or introductions.

What are pre-concert chats and where are they located?

Pre-concert chats are a terrific way to explore the music you are about to hear, as introduced by conductors and guest artists.  These chats are available before most Orchestral Series concerts and take place in Hockett Recital Hall or another venue close to Ford Hall in the Whalen Center at Ithaca College.

Can I use my mobile phone during a concert?

Our concerts provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the amazing experience of live Classical performance, free of electronic devices.  However, we recognize that you may need to consult your device to check a timely text or look up something about a composer that interests you.  We ask that you be courteous to our other patrons around you by ensuring that your sound is turned completely off and that your brightness level is at the lowest setting.

Can I take photos or videos?

You are welcome to take photos or videos at any point in the lobby areas of the venue.  You can also take photos or videos in the concert space, either before or after the performance, or at intermission.  Photos and videos taken during performance are distracting to our performance and audience and are strictly prohibited.  Feel free to snap a picture as soon as the music ends and the applause begins!


Can I bring children to the concerts?

We welcome people of all ages, including young children!  You may want to choose a seat on the aisle and/or nearer the back for the child’s first performance, but who knows, the kid might want to be front and center and be enraptured.  All we ask is that if the child needs attention you quietly take them outside until the next piece.  Some families find that the Chamber Series work well for an introduction to the CCO, as they take place on Sunday afternoons and are shorter programs.  We also recommend you check out our Family Concert & Storytime Series, which take place on a weekday afternoon four times during our concert season, at Tompkins County Public Library and are free of charge thanks to our generous sponsors.

What are the COVID-19 policies?

* These protocols are subject to change based on local health department guidance and according to concert venue requirements

* Masks are recommended for all patrons, but no longer required.

* Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test are not required for admittance at CCO events.

* If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (including but not limited to fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches) please do not attend.

* If you would like to ensure extra distancing between you and your fellow patrons, feel free to move to different seats provided they are not taken by another ticket holder. We appreciate your understanding.

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