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Red Chair Sponsorship

Why are some chairs RED?

The Cayuga Chamber Orchestra is proud to bring you professional musicians from across our region. If you’re interested in a unique way to support the Orchestra, you could become a Red Chair Sponsor.  This program helps toward the cost of our unique talent and creates a special relationship between our donors and musicians.  Each time a generous patron commits to a sponsorship of $2,000  each year for three years, we turn the chair Red in their honor.  We are deeply appreciative of the individuals and businesses who participate in this essential giving program which helps sustain the ongoing mission of the CCO and the level of musicianship we have come to cherish.  

Daryl J. Bem
Percy Edwards Browning Foundation
Keith & Martha Bryant
Jim Grochocinski & Emily Butler
Jim & Betta Hedlund
Hess Legacy Fund of the Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund

   (David Kraskow & Liz Hess)
Jean Jagendorf

Friends of Sheila Ossit (open fund to all, in honor of Sheila Ossit)
Karl Paulnack
Jean & Betty Rowley
David & Lesli Sagan
Fred & Margot Schoeps
John & Carol Vineyard
John Wolff

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a RED CHAIR sponsor or co-sponsor, please call Margot Schoeps at (914) 500-5375 or email:

Together we can paint the stage Red.

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